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Minetest TNG

Whats that?

Minetest TNG is a subgame for the Minetest Game-Engine. It's based on the default Game, Minetest Game (MTG). The normal game for Minetest is very minimal and has near no survival aspect, we want to change that! But without a big loss of performace.


More Wallpapers (+ lossless versions)


We provide several versions: a stable version (released monthly), a server version for supporting old clients (rolling release) and a “La-Test” version (rolling release).

La-Test Version (for MT 0.4.14)
Server Version (for MT 0.4.13)

Stable Version 16.07 - July - The Latest Update (for MT 0.4.14)

Old Releases:
Stable Version 16.06 - June - The Farming Update (for MT 0.4.14)
Stable Version 16.05 - May - The Tree Update (for MT 0.4.14)
Stable Version 16.04-2 - April - The Second Update (for MT 0.4.14)
Stable Version 16.04-1 - April - The First Update (for MT 0.4.13)
Stable Version 16.03 - March - The First Release (for MT 0.4.13)

Bug tracker / Suggestions

If you found a bug please create an issue on GitHub, so we can fix it! ;)
If you only want to suggest something you can create an issue too!

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